Wylo is an all-in-one community-building platform perfect for growing your brand through online engagement and event management.


How it will help you

Wylo revolutionizes the way you manage online communities. With versatile tools for discussion, events, sales, and direct messaging, it empowers your brand’s growth and member engagement.

Key features

  • Efficient multimedia forum creation for dynamic discussions
  • Host, manage, and monetize events with ease using integrated tools
  • Sell digital products with instant secure downloads or external links
  • Direct, real-time messaging with text, emojis, GIFs, and video support
  • Comprehensive moderation tools to ensure a safe and respectful community


  • Quick and easy setup process allowing users to create a community in under 1 hour.
  • High level of customizability with features like defining specific access roles and permissions within a community.
  • Responsive customer support with issues often resolved swiftly, sometimes directly by the founders.
  • Anticipation of needed features with an open product roadmap accessible to users.
  • Key features such as forums, private chats, community chats, event hosting, and store functionalities that users appreciate for community engagement.


  • Missing features such as a built-in course builder and integrations with popular tools like Zapier or Pabbly which limits functionality for some users.
  • Some users encounter UI/UX issues like the left-sided menu glitching, indicating possible underlying coding problems.
  • Lack of multi-language support which restricts usage for non-English speaking communities.


Is it possible to create segmented access in Wylo, allowing certain parts of the community to be exclusively available to paying members?

Yes, this is possible. We have a feature called manage users that lets you assign exclusive permissions inside the community. Different accesses for different people. Gated communities with multi tier option is set to release soon. With this you will be able to charge members for different tiers.

Does Wylo have any gamification features, such as leaderboards and other things to boost community engagement?

Hey, we have the base of gamification set already. Like the points system. We will be introducing a complete suite of gamification features like virtual badges, rewards soon.

Are we able to charge for memberships? Like custom plans for members to be apart of the community?

Hey thanks for the question. Gated communities is being launched this month. With that you will be able to charge members and also assign special access to different parts of the community

Can I integrate with my own SSO in another system/database?

Hey yes, we have APIs for custom SSO that let you use your existing login. Do reach out to support@wyloapp.com for the implementation help. Thanks

Is Wylo suited to be used as a Confidential Intranet for a company, sharing information with employees, and allow employees to connect with each other?

Of course, all the data within your community built using Wylo is yours only. To run a community specifically for your employees, etc, you can make your community private within Settings. We also provide self-hosting based on ask since you asked about confidentiality. On your other questions, yes, Wylo is suitable for sharing information with employees, allow employees to connect with each other, and do more.

Do you have a notifications API?

We do have the APIs, let me know what you are looking to do at support@wyloapp.com. We will help you out. Thanks

What app are you creating IOS/Android? Is it included in the deal? If not, what is cost?

Hey we are creating custom branded mobile apps which will be available over both Android and iOS. This will not be included in the deal. I will create a page with all the details and share it here. Thanks

Hi. Any estimated time for Spanish Language..?

Hey it will be available by Feb. Thanks

How is your platform handling SEO? What features will be included for this?

Hey thanks for trying out. You will be able to create blogs/articles using the rich text editor we have on the detailed post type of channels. It is SEO supported. Do reach out to support@wyloapp.com if you have further queries. Thanks

With the gamification will there be a way to have folks share on their own social platforms (META, X, IG, YT, etc) in order to lead/bring new followers from there to my Wylo account like sharing, commenting, viral contests, etc to help grow on your platform?

Hey, we have added your use case to our suggestions list. We will consider it while introducing the suite of gamification. Thanks for the suggestion.