5 Top Features of Writeseed AI Writer: Comprehensive Review

As a writer, and blogger, have you ever found yourself struggling to come up with fresh ideas or battling writer’s block? If so, you’re not alone. Writing can be hard, and even the most experienced writers sometimes need a helping hand. This is where the Writeseed intelligent writer comes in. This cutting-edge tool is designed to make the writing process smoother, faster, and more efficient by providing a range of useful features to customize your writing flow. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the top killer features of Writeseed AI Writer that make it an essential tool for any writer looking to take their craft to the next level. So, let’s dive in!

What is Writeseed? 

The best AI writing tool on the market? Well, this niche is definitely oversaturated with a lot of great tools, and still, If you’re looking for the best AI writing platform on the market, Writeseed is worth checking out. Writeseed is an AI writer with over 50 templates, a Chrome extension, and unlimited usage, you can create high-quality and SEO-optimized articles of 1000+ words in no time. But that’s not all, Writeseed also offers features such as product descriptions, Facebook or Google ads (to help you improve your conversions and sales), website copy, and cold emails, optimized marketing copy for blogs. The AI writer is powerful and can help you draft emails with ease, as well as optimize your content for keyword density and reading score. Plus, the Pro-Writer mode is perfect for users who want to mix manual writing with AI assistance. And with a 60-day money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Writeseed is definitely an AI writing tool worth considering for anyone who wants to create engaging content quickly and efficiently. 

Bottom Line

Writesee is a solid and fast AI Writer. Its Pro-Writer mode is a special feature that supports your manual writing with direct commands or AI-generated paragraphs. With lifetime access and a 60-day money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to try Writeseed today. Outside the lifetime deal you’ll need a credit card to start a 7-day trial but they won’t charge you until the trial ends. Long for the article including a free stock photo (but only one). Writeseed claims to create SEO-optimized content, and comes with some SEO optimization features, but in this area, it is better you use additional tools like SurferSEO or NeuronWriter. Full article in one click with up to 1000 words instantly (well, almost, under a minute) Is it good for content writing and publishing content out of it? As with all AI writers you will need to optimize for SEO and read through first. Outside site long-form content you can choose from one of many templates.

Writeseed Pricing

Writeseed lifetime deal

With lifetime access and a 60-day money-back guarantee, Writeseed is a smart investment for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. So why not give it a try? Writeseed reviews on Appsumo prove the tool to be very useful for its users.

Writeseed regular pricing

You can also get Writeseed for the regular 16$ month pricing.


5 Top Writeseed Features

1. 50+ Templates to Choose From for Your Writing Needs

Writeseed provides over 50 templates to choose from for all your writing needs. Whether you need to write product descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads, marketing copy for blogs, ad copy, cold emails, quora answers, or other ai content, they got you covered to increase conversion or increase clicks with catchy titles. Their templates range from friendly to empathetic to professional, designed to create engaging content with the right emotional context and most give results in under 10 seconds. Plus, their Pro-Writer mode supports your normal manual writing, allowing you to give direct commands to the AI editor to write the next paragraph for you. Our AI writer offers optimized content like keyword density and reading score, with the option to show search volume and CPC. You can even write emails right within Gmail or Hotmail using our Pro-Writer mode. 

When it comes to crafting emails, website copy, and ads, the Writeseed AI Writer is a powerful tool that can help you create high-quality content in no time. Whether you need to draft cold emails, product descriptions, Facebook ads, or website copy, Writeseed has got you covered. You can even use Writeseed to write emails directly within Gmail or other popular tools and platforms. So, save time and effort with Writeseed, the most complete AI writer on the market, and get your writing tasks done effortlessly and efficiently. Writeseed enables users to paraphrase existing texts, and easily rewrite sentences. And just an example of a ‘Story’ template:

2. SEO Tools to Optimize Content

Are you looking for a tool to generate high-quality and SEO-optimized articles of 1000+ words with a free stock photo? Look no further than Writeseed AI Writer. Their powerful AI writer also offers SEO tools for optimizing content like keyword density and reading score. Their long-form article writer is perfect for your blog articles. Moreover, its SEO tools enable you to optimize your content for keywords, reading score, and search volume. 

If want your written content to rank higher on search engines, like writing SEO-optimized marketing copy, using SEO tools to optimize your content is essential. The best tool to optimize content for keyword density and the reading score is Surfer SEO, but if you don’t want to get that tool, then you can have Writeseed as an alternative and use its SEO features to analyze your search competitors and give your blog post an SEO score out of 100. It then provides suggestions for improving your content, such as adding relevant headings and related keywords. These tools can help improve your organic traffic and search rankings. You can also optimize your content, including its keyword density, reading score, and search volume on Google and the CPC. To create highly optimized content, it designs a brief based on the top results for your chosen search query. 

3. Pro-Writer Mode 

One of the most notable features of this software is the Pro-Writer mode which is specifically designed for manual writing with AI assistance. With this feature, you can give direct commands or have the AI write the next paragraph for you. This can significantly speed up your writing and edit process and help you overcome writer’s block. Moreover, Writeseed supports all kinds of text input fields on any website, including popular tools like Gmail and Hotmail. The AI can write emails and even blog posts for you, with options to optimize for SEO metrics and keyword density to the content optimized for search engines.

See some examples:

4. Chrome Extension

Writeseed product has various features that are perfect for any writer out there. One notable feature that stands that helps users out is its easy integration as Chrome Extension With the Chrome Extension, writers can access the AI writing tool anywhere and anytime, ensuring increased productivity and convenience. Give it a try and discover how it can make your writing experience much better! Writeseed AI Writer includes the ability to let AI write in any text input field on any website by adding a ++ to a command or text, making content creation more convenient than ever before. 

5. Social Media Creator

Writeseed has a special module for creating posts for social media, though this feature is very basic. It allows users to create, for example, a picture with a description for a generic Instagram post, if you don’t have another tool like this you can start with this built-in feature. 


Overall, Writeseed AI Writer is a powerful tool that offers a range of useful features for writers and bloggers. With its Pro-Writer mode, SEO tools, templates, and Chrome extension, it’s definitely worth considering for anyone looking to improve their writing skills and efficiency. Writeseed AI Writer is a tool that can help writers overcome writer’s block and speed up their writing process by allowing them to give direct commands or have the AI write the next paragraph for them. The Chrome Extension allows writers to access the AI writing tool anywhere and anytime, making content creation more convenient than ever before. With unlimited usage and a 60-day money-back guarantee, writers can try out this powerful tool risk-free for two months. It can be a great AI writing platform for entrepreneurs and website owners to drive and automate their content creation in 2023.