Wondr AI

Streamline your e-commerce strategy with Wondr AI, a versatile tool designed to automate the creation and distribution of print-on-demand products, enhancing your online presence and sales.


How it will help you

Wondr AI is the quintessential asset for boosting efficiency in online stores, enabling creators to automatically generate and promote their print-on-demand products with ease and precision.

Key features

  • Automated product creation for over 700 print-on-demand products
  • Seamless distribution across top social media platforms and online marketplaces
  • Integration with leading third-party services including OpenAI, Etsy, and Printify
  • Access to a suite of more than 20 AI-powered tools for marketing and content
  • Exclusive Wondr workflows and magic tools to streamline your e-commerce processes


  • Significantly saves time through automation
  • Simple and easy setup process
  • Integration with popular third-party services
  • Facilitates scaling of e-commerce and digital products
  • Includes pre-built workflow scenarios for efficiency
  • Supports custom API keys for flexibility


  • Can be somewhat complex for beginners
  • Some issues with customer support responsiveness
  • Lacks enough automated integrations
  • User interface can feel clunky when switching screens


Can this be used for an agency to offer to all my clients?

Yes, you can use the platform to manage your agency efforts for clients, but each account only has one set of login credentials. We are currently researching an agency subscription option.

Do you have examples of automate product designs?

You can see product examples on our shop at shop.wondrai.com. Our platform doesn’t replace ideogram.ai but integrates with platforms like ideogram.ai to automatically create products.

Can your service also help me with the actual printing?

Our platform integrates with print providers, like Printify, to handle all product printing, fulfillment, etc. These print vendors have printing partners located all over the world.

Can I integrate with woocommerce? Google Sheets?

Yes, you integrate with WooCommerce and Google Sheets! You can connect with as many stores as you like by creating multiple “stores” via the print provider.

Is Wondr U included?

Wondr U is not currently included, but our dashboard has a ton of videos and tutorials covering all different topics.

Does this or will this work in the future with WooCommerce?

You can use many different storefront platforms at the moment, including WooCommerce!

How does your Google Shopping integration work, doesn’t that need a website?

You can offer your products on Google shopping by directly integrating via your storefront platform of choice.

This looks like it uses Make.com. What are the unique selling points of your software?

We offer custom directly integrated apps, pre-mapped product templates that you can import in 1 click, and integrations with various AI art generators like DALL-E, Leonardo AI, and Stable Diffusion.

Can I use this product with printify and launchcart?

Our platform integrates with Printify, and we are working hard to add as many storefront integrations as possible, including LaunchCart.

Is there a way to import your own artwork to work within the workflow?

Yes, we have a way to integrate your own premade designs by uploading them to Google Drive, then you can automatically create products using those designs.

Will you be integrating with Printful & Prestashop?

Yes, we are working hard to integrate Printful as they have recently released a new version of their API! You can connect to Prestashop via Printify with the system right now.