VidPowr boosts your online presence by letting you create engaging and interactive multilingual video content, designed to collect leads and increase conversions.


How it will help you

VidPowr transforms your regular videos into interactive experiences, engaging viewers more effectively and improving your conversion rates through personalized content and direct calls to action.

Key features

  • Dynamic interactive add-ons like polls, quizzes, and shoppable widgets for increased engagement
  • Personalization with conditional calls to action and video branching for tailored viewer experiences
  • Effortless embedding of content from various platforms and direct video hosting capabilities
  • Robust lead collection through in-video forms, fully integrated with over 20 autoresponder platforms
  • Comprehensive video analytics to track performance and gather actionable insights for strategic marketing


  • Versatility of features: CTAs, quizzes, embedding, analytics, and video hosting
  • Integration with platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and a variety of applications including Zapier and Pabbly
  • User-friendly with a sleek, modern interface that’s easy to navigate
  • White label and agency capabilities, including CNAME control and resale opportunities
  • Ability to use unlimited videos and customizable player branding
  • No ads from third-party hosting sites and consistent improvements based on user feedback


  • Some compatibility issues with certain mobile devices and browsers
  • Desire for more robust features and improvements in the UI/UX for added intuitiveness
  • Limited auto-advancement in playlists and video embedding challenges in some external platforms
  • A few reported bugs and the need for further development of some interactive elements


Can I embed Vidpowr videos everywhere or only on my custom domains?

You can embed VidPowr anywhere that 3rd party codes are allowed. And you can also embed it on your websites.

Do the lead limits refresh, or when we hit the limit we are done?

No the leads does not refresh. It’s one time.

How long do we get this offer live?

VidPowr just launched, so we still have a couple of weeks to go.

Once the Leads credit expires, do we purchase a pack with more or we need to enter a monthly plan?

Upgrades for more leads are optional. Do check our plan rates on our website.

If I add a youtube video into vidpowr, when people watch the video, does it count as a view in my youtube video?

Yes, the views from VidPowr reflects on YouTube.

What is the difference between reseller accounts and team members?

A reseller account as an agency allows you to create clients’ accounts and onboard them to use VidPowr, while team members are invited to share the VidPowr workstation with permissions allowed by the agency owner.

The interactivity we create with your software will be available on YouTube, if I upload this video to YouTube will it be available on YouTube or YouTube will disable that interactivity?

No, the interactivity will only work on your VidPowr video links, custom links, or when embedded on your website or 3rd party websites. It will not work on direct YouTube platforms.

How is VidPowr different from VidTags?

VidTags lets you host, generate tags, transcriptions, and translate videos, while with VidPowr you can add interactivity to your existing videos, CTAs, shoppable videos, video branching, book appointments, conditional videos, and more.

Hi, what is the difference between reseller accounts and team members?

With a reseller account as an agency, you’ll be able to create clients’ accounts and onboard them to use VidPowr, and you can also invite your team members to collaborate and use VidPowr together.

Can you explain the features of a playlist in your software?

These are collections of your videos, similar to YouTube playlists – having your videos in category form.

Are the integrations to create new videos or playlists via Zapier or Pabbly possible?

For now, you can use the VidPowr chrome extension to fetch your YouTube videos into VidPowr. We are planning to add a feature where new videos uploaded to a channel or playlist on YouTube automatically get added to a playlist created with VidPowr.