Video Tap

Video Tap offers an AI-powered solution to effortlessly transform full-length videos into engaging content for social media, blogs, and more, fully optimized for SEO.


How it will help you

With Video Tap, you can instantly create diverse content from your videos, enhance your digital marketing, and attract more traffic to your platforms without extra editing effort.

Key features

  • Convert long videos into shareable social media clips with customized branding.
  • Generate SEO-optimized blog posts in the tone and style of your original content.
  • Create chapters, tags, and compelling descriptions for YouTube optimization.
  • Produce subtitles and transcripts for enhanced accessibility and reach.
  • Enjoy integration with current and future social media platforms without watermarks.


  • High user satisfaction with overall software functionality
  • Convenience of a multitude of features within a single tool
  • Positive impact on productivity, significantly saving users’ time
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software experience
  • Effective AI integration that enhances content creation
  • Responsive and helpful customer support team


  • Limited social media publishing options, particularly outside of Twitter
  • Some users experienced initial misunderstandings regarding software capabilities
  • A few reports of minor technical issues during use
  • Desire for more advanced or additional features


How many youtube channels can we add to the tier 1 plan?

You can manage multiple channels with VideoTap, although the exact number allowed per plan may vary. For a tier 1 plan, the common offering might be a single channel, but this can differ based on specific platform updates or tier structures. For the most up-to-date information, please check the platform’s current offerings or reach out to customer support.

Can I create social media clips with captions and auto-framing from long videos?

Yes, it is possible to create YouTube, TikTok, and other social media clips from long-form videos that can auto-generate captions. Features like auto-framing help maintain focus on the relevant part of the video, enhancing the social sharing experience.

Is Vimeo or Rumble integration planned?

Vimeo is on the VideoTap radar for future integration. The aim is to support multiple platforms for video content creation and distribution. Spanish language variations are also being considered for future updates, recognizing the diversity within the language.

If I made a blog in VideoTap, can I transfer it to platforms like without reformatting?

Currently, VideoTap offers options for copying and pasting blog content in formats such as HTML, Markdown, and Plain Text, which may require minimal reformatting depending on the platform used. While specific integrations with platforms like might not be available, these options facilitate content transfer to some extent.

Can the video export quality be adjusted when creating clips?

The video export quality in VideoTap is determined by the original video quality available, typically the highest possible quality granted by the video source like YouTube. As of now, users do not have an option to change export video quality settings within VideoTap.

Are there specific credits used for blog post generation?

No credits or minute consumption apply specifically for blog post generation in VideoTap. Blog posts are generated based on the video’s content within the total video minutes uploaded. You can regenerate and tweak blogs as desired without additional credit deductions.

How can I see a demo of VideoTap’s capabilities?

To test VideoTap and see a demo of its capabilities, you can create a free account which allows for uploading a limited number of free videos. This grants full access to the tool, including clip generation.

Is there an option to edit clips by selecting specific sentences from the transcript and making a reel?

Currently, VideoTap allows selecting blocks of text from a transcript to create clips, but the capability to create a reel by combining selected clips is not yet available. However, the idea of making such a feature is appealing and may be considered for future updates.

Can team members see each other’s work on VideoTap?

In VideoTap, all team members can access and view videos, blogs, and clips available to the team. Work is accurately displayed to all users in the team environment, promoting collaboration.

Can I upgrade to a higher tier from within VideoTap?

To upgrade your tier within VideoTap, you can manage your subscription from your user dashboard or seek assistance from customer support if direct upgrade options are not visible.

Does the transcription feature provide accurate punctuation and format into paragraphs?

VideoTap aims for accurate grammar and punctuation in transcriptions, and the content is formatted into paragraphs to reflect the natural flow of speech.

Could you list all languages supported by VideoTap?

VideoTap supports various global languages for transcription, including multiple English dialects, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. The platform continually works on adding more languages.