Straico is an all-in-one AI platform for generating high-quality content and visuals, streamlining your creative workflow massively.


How it will help you

Enhance your productivity with Straico’s AI-powered platform, which simplifies the creation of professional text and visuals, consolidates your content generation tools, and tailors your experience with customizable prompts.

Key features

  • Access a suite of generative AI models like GPT-4 and DALL·E for diverse content creation.
  • Save custom prompt tools for streamlined, repetitive content generation tasks.
  • Integrated AI chat assistant for real-time, conversational content development.
  • AI-powered image editor and generator with advanced stylization and editing features.
  • Organize and store creations effectively with organized chat and template folders.


  • Diverse Language Models: Multiple AI models like GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, and others cater to a range of use cases and are easy to toggle between.
  • Comprehensive Prompt Templates & Customization: Allows for efficient generation of diverse content and the creation of user-defined templates.
  • High-Quality AI Image Generation: Users commend the image output quality, especially comparing to other AI tools’ capabilities.
  • Engaged and Responsive Support: The developers are active on Discord, promptly addressing user questions and feedback.
  • Community-Driven Development: The team regularly updates the platform based on user feedback, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Flexibility and Coin System: Rollover of unused credits for up to a year provides value and caters to varying user demands.


  • No Browser Extension or Mobile App: Currently, there’s no dedicated extension or app for more streamlined productivity.
  • GPT-4 Usage Limits: Some users express concern over the coin cost for GPT-4 usage impacting the value proposition.
  • Single File Attachment Limit: Users can only attach one type of file at a time, possibly impeding efficiency.
  • Image Resolution Limitations: Fixed image resolution restricts the practicality of generated visuals in certain scenarios.


Will the credits roll over if not used within a month?

Credits do not roll over each month but unused credits can be accumulated up to a year limit for Sumolings.

Can the images created with Straico be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, images created with Straico using SDXL are royalty-free and can be used for commercial and non-commercial projects as per the license on Stable Diffusion’s GitHub page.

Are there any tutorials or guidance for using Straico?

We plan to create more video tutorials, and we also provide tailored support through our Discord channel. You can also refer to FAQs and some video guides on our YouTube channel for different functionalities.

Does Straico support GPT-4?

Yes, Straico supports GPT-4 but GPT-4 uses cost coins per call, which comes from the tier’s monthly coin allotment.

How does PDF analysis work and what are the limitations?

When you upload a PDF, it will only read the first 10,000 words. Documents exceeding this limit will be truncated for analysis. We are planning to add models like Claude which can support more extensive documents.

Can Straico perform image-to-image AI editing?

Yes, you can upload a photo and request changes such as altering the background or adding objects to the image. However, each image edit counts as a new image and costs coins.

How many words does GPT-4 support for each tier?

For GPT-4, the word limits are as follows: Tier 1 provides 50,000 words, Tier 2 provides 100,000 words, and Tier 3 provides 200,000 words.

How are coins related to the number of tokens in OpenAI for chat usage?

Coins are used for image generation and GPT-4 interactions on Straico. For example, Tier 2 offers 100,000 words for GPT-4 usage where coins are deducted based on usage. GPT-3.5 Turbo interactions, on the other hand, remain unlimited for Tiers 2 and 3 with no coin cost.

Can I use images generated by Straico in commercial projects like comic books, magazines, games, etc.?

Yes, you can use Straico-generated images for commercial projects. However, MidJourney’s API is not integrated, so generation capabilities might differ. Straico uses the SDXL model for image generation.

How does the coin system work regarding unused coins and the monthly word limit in plans?

Coins are used for transactions on the platform, including GPT-4 and image generation. Unused coins accumulate for a year. Tiers have monthly coin allotments for usage across different features; GPT-4 has limits on usage based on its coin cost per call.

Does Straico support input in languages other than English?

Straico supports multiple languages, including Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. You can input queries in these languages and receive responses accordingly.