SheetMagic: ChatGPT + Google Sheets Integration

SheetMagic revolutionizes productivity by integrating ChatGPT with Google Sheets, enabling you to generate AI content and automate tasks directly from your spreadsheets.


How it will help you

SheetMagic allows you to enhance your data management and content creation, streamlining your workflows by combining the powerful AI of ChatGPT with the versatility of Google Sheets.

Key features

  • Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into Google Sheets for dynamic AI functionalities.
  • Create and manage unlimited AI-generated content in bulk directly from your spreadsheet.
  • Attach your own OpenAI API key for continuous, unrestricted access.
  • Effortlessly chain prompts from different cells to enhance data interaction.
  • Utilize unlimited scraping capabilities with a suite of over 10 scraping functions.


  • Significantly boosts productivity and saves time for various tasks
  • Ability to integrate seamlessly with Google Sheets, automating tasks
  • Facilitates bulk content creation efficiently
  • Multilingual support and innovative features like web browsing
  • Easy to set up and start using within minutes for immediate benefits
  • Offers effective AI-driven prompts and a user-friendly interface


  • Issues with bulk operations causing errors and timeouts
  • Requires an OpenAI API key which may be a stumbling block for some users
  • Lacks in-depth tutorials for beginners to make full use of its capabilities
  • Some users reported it as buggy and not very stable


Can I use my own OpenAI key to access GPT-4 at Tier 1?

No, GPT-4 access is only available on Tier 3 and above.

If I buy Tier 4, can I share it with my clients?

No, Tier 4 is for members of your organization and not for sharing with large groups of clients.

What’s the difference between SheetGPT and free add-ons?

SheetGPT allows web browsing within Google Sheets, inputting any URL and interpreting it with AI. It supports web scraping and offers SEO tasks.

Can each user connect their own API keys?

Yes, API keys are bound to individual sheets, so each new sheet can have a new API key.

How does Tier 4 with unlimited users work?

With unlimited user licenses, you can create unlimited copies of Google Sheets and share them with your collaborators, who can then use their own API keys.

Do I need my own OpenAI API key at Tier 3 to use GPT-4?

Yes, an API key is required no matter what tier you are on, including Tier 3 for GPT-4 access.

Will Tier 3 users automatically get future GPT versions like GPT-5?

All future updates to GPT will be included in Tier 3 and above.

Are there plans for an extension for SheetGPT?

Yes, an official Google Extension is being considered for the future to allow SheetGPT to be used on any sheet.

Can I use SheetGPT to generate articles and scrape SEO data?

Yes, you can generate articles and extract SEO data from blogs using SheetGPT.

What is the limitation for the ‘visit’ function on large PDFs?

For PDF content longer than 50,000 characters, SheetGPT will attempt to grab the first 50,000 characters and put that in the output cell.

Can I use SheetGPT for formulas, data manipulation, and creating charts?

While it’s better at generative AI, SheetGPT can help with understanding and creating formulas.

Will there be a WordPress plugin included with this deal?

No, the WordPress plugin will be a separate product, but LTD holders will get a special discount upon its release.