SellMeThisPen AI

Leverage AI sales coaching, realistic role-play, and real-time assistance to nail your next sales call with SellMeThisPen AI, your ultimate partner for closing deals.


How it will help you

With SellMeThisPen AI, you can confidently approach sales calls through practice scenarios and AI feedback, ensuring you’re well-prepared to handle objections and close deals effectively.

Key features

  • AI role-play practice to prepare for a variety of sales situations
  • Real-time assistance to guide you during actual sales calls
  • Post-call coaching that provides actionable feedback and call scoring
  • Curated playbooks and behavioral tips for continuous learning
  • Integration with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot


  • Realistic and lifelike AI roleplay interactions
  • Helpful feedback and actionable improvement suggestions
  • Effective tool for boosting sales and cold-calling skills
  • Supports various use-cases with customization options
  • Positive impact on user confidence and sales strategy refinement
  • Responsive and engaged support team, including the founder and CEO


  • Limited roleplay scenario types and call lengths
  • Inconsistent AI behavior during roleplays
  • Missing features and language options
  • Desire for integrations with additional platforms such as



Is this tool only tailored for tech sales?

SellMeThisPen is not tailored for tech sales. You can definitely practice talk tracks for any types of sales like med device or recruiting. Appreciate the kind note 🙂

Does this integrate with Microsoft 365 Suite (Team etc.)?

We do not integrate with Teams, but if we see a lot of requests we might consider that integration 🙂 And we support MS sign-in and integrate with MS calendar in case you want to try it out on Google Meet or Zoom Web.

How does this work on live calls?

For real-time assistance, AI transcribes the conversations live and gives real-time feedback on the call. We do not record the conversations, which might help with your industry, but we provide full transcripts, so this still might not be compliant based on HIPAA. If we see a lot of requests from Sumo-lings, then we might consider exploring this.

Can we add additional users? Above 10?

Hello 👋 For our AppSumo deal the highest tier includes a maximum of 10 users, there’s no option to add more. If you have a bigger team, you can explore our Enterprise Plan on our website that is specifically built for bigger teams 🙂

Is a white label option available?

We only consider white labeling for Enterprise plans (yearly contracts, 100+ seats). If this applies to your case, you can email us, and we’re happy to have a deeper dive 🙂

Is there a way to use an email that is not Google or Microsoft?

For now no, we only support Google and Microsoft sign-in. If we see enough requests for it we consider adding more options of course 🙂

Can we delete users? Let’s say I get Tier 3 but two leave the company…

Hello 👋 Yes, you absolutely can do this! As long as you stay within your limit of 10 users you can delete and invite new members to your workspace 🙂

Is Spanish language available?

For now it’s only available in English, but if we see a lot of requests then we might consider adding more languages, including Spanish 🙂

Will you have support for Zoom’s desktop software soon?

If many Sumo-lings request it, we might consider building Zoom desktop software integration.

Plans to support CRM?

Not at this time, but we might consider adding it.

Does this app work with MS Teams?

It integrates with MS apps partially by adding MS sign-in and integrating with MS calendar, but not MS Teams yet.

Is the platform available in German or other languages?

Right now we only support English, but German is our top 2 requested language. We’re considering adding most requested languages later.

Can we upload our custom documents, like product data, in both sales and support documents for training the AI?

Currently, there’s no option to upload documents, but you can customize the roleplays with your own scenarios.

Would it also help me with writing the emails during the sales cycle?

We might consider adding follow-up email generation based on sales calls in the future.