Create short links, dynamic QR codes, and microsites with pxl.to, then track performance with detailed analytics.


How it will help you

Utilizing pxl.to, you can enhance brand visibility and scrutinize digital engagement through intuitive link and QR code management.

Key features

  • Customizable QR codes to match your brand and campaign.
  • Retargeting pixels supporting sophisticated marketing strategies.
  • Unlimited creation of links and tracked clicks per month.
  • Bulk import options for seamless migration from other services.
  • Extensive team features such as sharing, permissions, and multiple custom domains.


  • Unlimited link clicks and domains offered
  • User-friendly and clean interface
  • Dynamic QR codes are highly appreciated by users
  • Custom domain feature and SSL integration
  • Responsive and helpful customer support


  • Sometimes lacking in tracking accuracy
  • Issues with limited features compared to competitors
  • Confusion and difficulties in contacting support


Can I change the destination of a shortened link at a later time?

Yes, pxl.to enables you to update (redirect) short links at any time.

Does pxl.to support custom domains?

Yes, you can connect domains like mydomainname.com and create short links using the domain.

Can I allow others to create shortened links using my custom domain?

Short links can only be created by users with a pxl.to account. Members can see and use only the domains they added unless given admin rights.

When will the “Landing page” or “Microsites” feature be available?

The feature is in early access and will be released soon, with a Figma style editor for building mobile-first landing pages.

Can team members be assigned specific domains or limited in their domain usage?

Team members share the organization’s limits, but you can control their domain usage through their assigned role. Admins can use all domains; team members can only use the domains they added.

Can I import my links from another link shortening service?

Yes, pxl.to supports bulk import. A .csv template for importing links is available within the app.

Does pxl.to offer geographical link routing or device recognition for redirection?

No, pxl.to doesn’t currently support geo-redirection or device-specific redirection.

Can I use pxl.to to brand and customize QR codes?

Yes, pxl.to recently added support to brand and customize QR codes.

Is there an API function to get the traffic source for each short link created?

Click counts and the date of the latest click (updatedAt) are available via API, but detailed analytics access via the API is not supported.

What is the data retention length for click data?

Click data is retained and available for 180 days.