Puppetry is the easiest way to create AI avatar talking head videos, turning simple images into dynamic video content.


How it will help you

Puppetry simplifies the creation of engaging social media content, by animating avatars with text or voice to deliver messages that capture attention.

Key features

  • Unlimited video creation, fostering creative freedom without restrictions.
  • Unlimited presenters per day, allowing for a diverse range of video personalities.
  • AI image generation, enabling the quick creation of custom avatars.
  • AI presenter generation, offering lifelike animated characters to represent your message.
  • Premium phone support, ensuring rapid assistance for any technical needs.


  • Inspires confidence in the founders’ technical capabilities
  • Bridges a relevant gap in the market, offering the potential for growth
  • Good value for money with an optimistic outlook on future improvements
  • Efficient for creating engaging social media content
  • Prompts creativity and offers a fun experience in crafting unique characters
  • Responsive and open to user issues, showing potential for robust client support


  • Software can be buggy and slow, leading to unreliable output
  • Lacks Android app support, limiting accessibility for mobile users
  • Possible scalability issues with server loads impacting performance
  • Some user concerns about the future sustainability of the product



Can we export the animations?

Animations can be exported in MP4 format and we’re planning to add GIF support soon. For a time being, export as a sequence of PNG frames is also available, although the size might be quite substantial.

Are there integrations with tools like Zapier?

We’re considering integrating with Zapier as it would benefit workflow automation. We’re open to understanding specific needs and possibly implementing appropriate integrations in the future.

Is the Arabic language included?

Yes, Arabic language support is included, and Arabic voice generation is possible if text is entered in Arabic script.

What languages and avatar options are supported?

We support multiple languages through integrations with play.ht and OpenAI. While full body avatars are available, the model performs best with square front-facing faces.

Can we add background music and imagery to videos?

Background music, imagery, and avatar animations are on our roadmap for future development. Currently, video editing for adding these elements needs to be done externally.

Can I add subtitles to the video?

Subtitles support will be added to Puppetry soon and will be included in our future updates for LTD clients.

Can we have two avatars interacting in a conversation?

The feature for two avatars having a conversation is in our plans, but may take a few months to ship. Nevertheless, this is on our roadmap and is much requested.

Is there a way to upload my own images?

Yes, you can upload your own images to animate, with best results achieved using AI-generated images or avatars, instead of real faces.

Can the video output be exported with a transparent background?

We’re working on enabling export with transparent backgrounds as part of our product roadmap. Formats like .webm and PNG frames are being considered.

Will the quality of voices be upgraded?

Yes, we will be updating our TTS support and this will be part of our LTD offering.

How can I generate a video with high quality?

We currently render videos at 512x512px, but we’re planning an upgrade to 2k resolution which will be available to LTD clients as well.

Can we generate videos from our clients and use in Canva?

Yes, you can generate videos for your clients and Puppetry can integrate with tools like Canva for commercial use.

Does the LTD plan include future support for APIs and integration with other SaaS like ElevenLabs?

The API support may not be included in the LTD if released in the future due to financial constraints, but we’re open to integrating with 3rd party SaaS and welcome suggestions.