Revolutionize your content creation and niche exploration with “”nichesss””, a comprehensive tool designed to generate high-quality material in less than a minute, ensuring you stay ahead in any market.


How it will help you

If you’re struggling to produce consistent content or to discover profitable niches, “”nichesss”” is your go-to solution, streamlining the content generation process and sparking creative ideas effortlessly.

Key features

  • Unlimited Tokens for continual content creation
  • AI Marketing Copy Generator to craft compelling marketing messages
  • AI Idea Generator for endless inspiration and niche discovery
  • Capability to write engaging newsletters for your subscribers
  • Tools to come up with catchy email subject lines to boost open rates


  • Unlimited content generation with no credit system
  • High-quality, human-like content output
  • Wide array of tools for different types of writing needs
  • Rapid generation of ideas and text
  • Active and responsive founder and community support


  • Interface/UI could be improved for better user experience
  • Some concerns about the long-term sustainability of the unlimited model
  • Lack of certain desired features (e.g., full blog posts, product descriptions)


Can I use Nichesss to automatically get text ideas in Portuguese too?

Sim! Eu falo portugues tambem, e eu testei o portugues do app.

Does it include everything which says on your website?

Yep you are gonna get all of that.

Does this tool support Greek language? If not, will you add it?

Greek will be ready in a week or 2. It’s actively being worked on.

Does your tool provide the feature/capability like (Surfer SEO’s audit tool) to identify MISSING COMMON BACKLINKS?

We don’t offer these features currently.

Do you have an API available and if not, any plans for one?

If we do release an API (I want this too) it will only be to retrieve the content you created and edited. All the generation has to take place manually in the app unfortunately due to our contractual agreements.

Do you have a plan to add DALL-E features to Creating Images from Text?

When DALL-e comes out, I want to add it to every tool yes. (so Instagram posts, Twitter, newsletters, etc)

Can I record my own voice or upload a voiceover for the tutorials?

AI text to voice is a feature we are focusing on initially. The ability to upload your own voice is planned for future updates after AI voiceover is released.

Is this tool limited to web applications, or can I record tutorials in desktop applications too?

You can use our Mac app to create guides for desktop applications, and a Windows app is currently in development. Browser-based recording is not the only option.

Can I use this app in Korean and Japanese too?

We can convert your outputs to Korean and Japanese, but the app has not been fully translated yet.

Does this tool work in the Spanish market and in the Spanish language?

Everything is in English now, but you can enter Spanish into the fields and get Spanish back.