NeuronWriter, from Conti Sp. z o.o., empowers you with AI-driven content creation for SEO-optimized articles, enlisting semantic recommendations to rank higher in search results.


How it will help you

NeuronWriter is your go-to SEO sidekick, making the daunting task of content optimization a breeze with its AI-powered analysis and semantic insights, helping your writing rank and resonate.

Key features

  • AI-driven content writing with over 20 templates and customization tools.
  • Comprehensive SERP analysis to surpass competitors in content ranking.
  • Advanced content outlines guided by competition and user intent for strategic planning.
  • NLP content optimization to fine-tune your articles for better search engine visibility.
  • Internal linking suggestions to enhance website navigation and user engagement.


  • Focused on user-centric features and semantic SEO
  • Provides detailed competitive analysis with SERP data
  • Offers NLP-driven content optimization and suggestions
  • Includes AI writing capabilities to speed up content creation
  • Regular updates and new features based on user feedback


  • User interface could be further improved for better UX
  • Some features like internal link suggestions and GSC integration still in development
  • AI writing quality varies and may not be on par with dedicated AI writing tools


Hello! I purchased several licenses through appsumo with a personal gmail email. Can I transfer my Neuron Writer account and activated licenses to my new business email once it’s finalized?

You can change your email later if this is important for you. Just mail us from the old email providing a new email address.

How much price increase is expected?

The new price is set at $89.

Are there any special privileges for users who get the highest code?

No, the only difference is how many resources you have available on a specific account (higher account = more resources). Hope this helps 😉

If I need a long-form blog writer for say 3000 words, how many stacks do I need?

Best if you stack 3 codes, as this gives you access to the Gold plan. In the Gold plan, advanced templates and Content designer are available for long-form content creation.


Max on a single account is 7 codes right now, but you can have multiple accounts.

Basically, 3 codes equals the gold plan?

Yes, 3 codes is the Gold plan. Hope this helps 😉

Does NeuronWriter support the Spanish language?

Yes, Spanish is supported. Hope this helps 😉

Can I buy 1 code now and add the rest later?

Yes, you can add codes that you bought in 60 days according to AppSumo ToS. If you are asking if you will be able to buy codes later, YES, if codes are available. Hope this helps 😉

Do lifetime deal mean that I will pay one time and benefit from the features of the platform for the rest of my life as per each plan without paying anything else monthly or yearly?

Yes. It’s a one-time payment. Here is more info on how lifetime on AppSumo works: [link].

How many posts can I optimize with this tool?

Depending on the plan: from 25 up to 200 NEW posts every month. Please check the content analysis queries number in specific plans.

Hello there, I wanted to know if by “45,000 AI credits (per month)” you mean it “is going to be replenished every month”?

YES, it’s a new set of credits each month. Have fun with Neuron