Marky revolutionizes social media marketing by leveraging AI to create on-brand content quickly and schedule posts across multiple platforms effortlessly.


How it will help you

Marky is a game-changing tool that frees up your time by automating the creation and scheduling of social media content, making your marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

Key features

  • Generate up to 30 days of engaging social media content swiftly using AI
  • Customizable brand colors, fonts, and graphics ensuring consistency with your brand’s style
  • Train the AI to align with your unique voice and brand positioning for more personalized content
  • Seamless integration with major social media platforms for automatic scheduling and posting
  • Agency dashboard for managing multiple client accounts effectively, ideal for scaling businesses


  • Generates high-quality content quickly and efficiently
  • AI-powered platform offers excellent support and troubleshooting
  • Creates a wide variety of engaging and accurate social media posts
  • Efficiently tailors content for different platforms
  • Streamlines the social media strategy and improves productivity
  • Provides significant value with lifetime deals


  • Some users experienced a lack of content value for certain audiences
  • Some encountered technical issues and glitches
  • Users noted limitations in post customization and scheduling flexibility
  • Content can become repetitive, requiring manual input for diversity



Does Marky support the Spanish language?

Yes, the posts can be generated in Spanish!

Do we have to have a website / provide an URL to use Marky?

Not at all! It’s just an option.

What languages are supported?

All major languages.

Does Marky let me post to groups inside both LinkedIn and Facebook?

We don’t currently support groups but it’s on our roadmap. Please upvote here to get notified when done.

Does your software have bulk uploads and bulk scheduling?

Yes, Marky supports bulk scheduling. Bulk uploading is coming soon.

For initial text input for content topic, is the text entered used directly to generate the posts or is it just a general starting idea?

That’s a great question! The text entered is used to generate topics (starting ideas), and then the topics are used to generate posts. A direct text input to post generation feature is in the works and should be ready soon!

When will reels be supported? And what languages are available?

Reels are expected to be supported in 1-2 months. All major world languages are available.

Does the number of posts generated on plans 1 & 2 renew each month, or are they one-time only?

These are generated on a monthly basis!

Agency at that price is high for some. Allow agency at Tier 2. Can you check other offerings here?

Great question. We are currently evaluating our plans to determine what adjustments can be made to provide the best value for our users.

Can Marky generate content in Portuguese or does it only work in English?

Marky works in Portuguese and many other languages.

Under business settings, we can choose a language. Can you have options for Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese?

Yes, these language options are available, and you can select your preferred language under the ‘Business’ settings.

Does Marky support Pinterest?

Pinterest support is coming soon! We’re just waiting for approval from them.