Jupitrr is an innovative AI-powered video editing tool that simplifies video creation with automated stock footage and intelligent captions, transforming editing into a task as simple as document editing.



How it will help you

Jupitrr streamlines the video editing process, making it more accessible and efficient. Whether for social media, marketing, or personal projects, Jupitrr helps you produce professional videos with ease and reach a wider audience.

Key features

  • Text-based editing: Edit videos by manipulating the audio transcript like a Word document.
  • AI-generated footage: Automatically create stock footage that aligns with your content, simply by highlighting text.
  • Multi-language captions: Generate captions in over 23 languages, making your videos more inclusive and far-reaching.
  • Flexible export options: Export videos in various aspect ratios, including portrait, landscape, and square, to fit all social platforms without sacrificing quality.
  • Branding and customization: Leverage customizable templates, brand colors, and watermarks to maintain consistency and professional appeal across your content.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for quick video creation.
  • Innovative transcript-based video editing that saves time.
  • Accurate and helpful French language transcription and subtitling support.
  • Robust audiogram features for enriching audio content with visuals.
  • Responsive development team committed to improving and adding features.


  • Transcription quality needs significant improvement, especially for languages other than English.
  • Limited stock footage leads to narrow representation for certain subjects or niches.
  • No option to choose specific stock videos or images; can result in irrelevant footage being added to videos.


Can you provide a summary of what Jupitrr offers and any upcoming features?

Jupitrr is an AI Video Maker designed to help content creators make marketing videos faster with auto-generated stock footage, subtitles, and more, without extensive video editing. Upcoming features include text-based video trimming, support for more languages, higher video quality resolutions, the ability to upload custom fonts for captions, and integration with more premium stock libraries. A major focus will be on making the video-making process as automated and user-friendly as possible.

Are you planning to add more customization options to the editor, like changing the AI-generated images or videos?

Jupitrr is planning to add more customization options, including auto-zooming, adjusting the length of the B-roll clips, and more advanced features like text animation and emojis. However, features that require more detailed editing, like color grading, might not be immediately available as the tool aims for simplicity and speed.

What languages does Jupitrr support for video transcription?

Jupitrr supports 25 languages, including popular ones like English, Spanish, and Chinese, with plans to expand this list further in 2024. Traditional Chinese and certain right-to-left languages like Arabic are also supported.

Can we upload our own images or videos to use in the video creation process?

While currently Jupitrr generates stock footage from Pexels, they are planning on allowing users to upload their own images and videos later this year. This will provide greater flexibility for users who want to use specific content in their videos.

Are you planning to offer text-to-video features or integration with better stock libraries?

Text-to-video is a highly requested feature and is slated for development in 2024. Jupitrr’s team is aiming to upgrade to a premium stock footage provider around the same time to enhance the quality and variety of stock videos available for users.

Can Jupitrr create audiograms and will the feature of video trimming be similar to tools like Descript?

Jupitrr can create audiograms, which are static images with waveform animations, typically for deploying audio content on social media. The video trimming feature, which allows editing of the video based on the text transcript, is being developed and expected to launch soon, bringing it closer to the functionality offered by Descript.

Could Jupitrr become integrated with tools like InVideo for more diverse stock footage?

While Jupitrr uses Pexels for its current stock footage, they are open to integrating more diverse stock footage options in the future to provide users with higher-quality options for their videos.

What are the text customization options available, and is there RTL support for subtitles?

Jupitrr plans to launch custom subtitle styles, which include selecting font styles and placement on the screen. However, custom font upload is not supported yet. RTL support for languages using right-to-left scripts is planned for future updates.

Is it possible to generate visuals from a script or text without requiring an uploaded video or audio file?

While Jupitrr currently requires an uploaded video or audio to generate visuals, text-to-video creation based on scripts or text is a feature that is in high demand and being considered for future development.

Is there a team or multi-user option, and what are the limits for video uploads?

Team functionality is expected to be added in 2024. There are no current limits on video storage, but transcription time is limited depending on the chosen tier, with no specific maximum duration for videos mentioned as of yet.