Headway simplifies personal growth by condensing the best nonfiction books into digestible 15-minute summaries tailored to your goals and needs.


How it will help you

Headway enriches your knowledge and saves your time by delivering key insights from top nonfiction titles that can be easily consumed in bite-sized portions, making learning both efficient and enjoyable.

Key features

  • Concise 15-minute summaries of nonfiction bestsellers for reading or listening.
  • Daily insights and motivational widgets to inspire continuous learning.
  • Achievable streaks and milestones to encourage and track progress.
  • Personalized recommendations delivering content based on the reader’s interests.
  • Expertly curated collections designed to cater to the user’s preferences.


  • Summarizes best-selling nonfiction books into concise, digestible formats
  • User-friendly interface and seamless navigation within the app
  • Offers both audio and text summaries for flexible consumption
  • Wide range of topics and genres covered, catering to various interests
  • Encourages continuous learning with features like quizzes and personalised recommendations


  • Some summaries have been criticized for lacking depth or containing errors
  • Automated narrations can sometimes sound robotic and distract from the content
  • Limited coverage on certain subjects like politics and science deterring some users


Are the app and book summaries only in English?

The app comes with localizations in English and Spanish. Other languages are currently not supported within the app’s text & audio summaries.

Can I use Headway on multiple devices at the same time?

You can be logged into Headway on multiple devices simultaneously, such as a MacBook and an iPhone.

Is there a limit to how much I can read daily on Headway?

There is no daily reading limit on Headway, and you can bookmark your reads indefinitely.

Does the Headway app support desktop usage?

The Headway app functions on both iOS and Android mobile devices; for desktops, you can access the web version.

Is the AppSumo deal for Headway equivalent to the Premium Plan?

Yes, the AppSumo deal grants an equivalent level of access as the Premium Plan, including unlimited content access.

Does Headway provide multifunctional access with content in other languages?

Headway offers English and Spanish localizations, and your device’s set language will determine the app’s language.

What’s the Headway content creation process like, and how many new books can we expect each month?

Summaries on Headway are crafted by a dedicated content team, and approximately 30-40 new summaries are added each month.

Can I apply a lifetime promo code to an existing account?

Lifetime promo codes are typically for new users. However, recent developments may allow existing users to apply a promo code by creating a new account or changing the promo redemption process.

Are infographics included in the Headway subscription?

Infographics are a separate purchase within Headway, but all books used for the infographics can be found within the app’s library.

Can I use Headway on my browser?

Headway offers a web version that you can access for reading or listening to book summaries on your computer.