Frontly is an AI-powered no-code app builder that transforms spreadsheets into bespoke internal tools and client portals.


How it will help you

Frontly streamlines the creation of custom applications without needing any programming expertise, saving time and reducing complexity for businesses.

Key features

  • AI-driven app generation with simple text prompts for ease of use
  • No-code, drag-and-drop interface for quick app customization
  • Integration with workflow automations tools like Zapier and Make
  • White labeling options to maintain brand consistency
  • Advanced role-based permissions to control user access and data security


  • User-friendly interface and intuitive use
  • Robust AI features that facilitate app creation
  • Seamless integration with Google Sheets
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Effective for a range of users, from beginners to advanced
  • Flexibility and versatility in app development


  • Occasional bugs and issues with AI generation
  • Limited customization options for visuals and design
  • Some limitations in functionality for specific use-cases
  • Lack of certain integrations like live chat and advanced third-party services



Does the GSheet access need to be set as public so that Frontly could access?

Hi there! No, Google Sheets do not need to be public to be accessible, since we use Google’s oAuth method to authenticate securely with your account.

Can I use MS Excel as a data source?

Hi there! We directly support Google sheets, and indirectly support Excel or other spreadsheets. Excel sheets can be imported to Google Sheets to be used with Frontly once they are online in a Google Sheet.

Can separate Google accounts be used for different apps within Frontly?

Yes, each app can be connected to different Google Sheets accounts for different apps as long as the necessary permissions are granted. One Google account per app is allowed, but as long as the sheets are shared with that account, it should be accessible.

Does Frontly support public-facing apps without login?

We’re working on adding the ‘public’ ability soon. Check back later this week for this 🙂

Does Frontly offer a webhook feature?

We plan on releasing a basic outbound webhook trigger action in the next 1-2 weeks. It will allow triggering events in external platforms, which could be used with tools like Pabbly, Make, or Zapier as long as they support an inbound webhook.

Can we embed Frontly apps into our existing websites?

If your website supports Iframe embedding, you may be able to use Frontly apps within Iframes on your site. However, we cannot confirm the limitations on the various website platforms that would be used for hosting.

Are AI Tokens needed after app creation, and can we buy extra AI Tokens?

AI Tokens are required only during the app creation process. Once an app is generated, if you run out of tokens, they re-generate monthly. It’s also possible to purchase additional tokens if necessary.

Is Frontly as feature-rich as platforms like Bubble?

Frontly is designed for simpler applications and focuses on internal tools, whereas Bubble supports more complex app creation. Frontly’s AI features aim to simplify and speed up the app generation process.

Is it possible to make a CRM app or a scheduling app for a store?

Frontly is definitely suitable for creating a CRM app. Scheduling apps are possible if the feature requirements are met by Frontly’s current capabilities.

Are public pages supported, and is it possible to create a client database?

Public pages are being worked on and will be available soon. Frontly easily supports creating a client database, as long as there’s a Google Sheet with the necessary data.

Could I build a service that requires user logins and specializes in generating and sharing Google Sheets and analytics?

Yes, this is right up Frontly’s alley! The platform is built for creating login portals and analytics dashboards directly from Google Sheets data.