Documentero – Document Automation & Generation Software

Documentero revolutionizes the way you create documents by automating the generation of Word and PDF files, making manual creation a thing of the past.


How it will help you

Documentero streamlines your workflow by providing powerful automation for creating customized documents, saving time and minimizing human error.

Key features

  • Automated document generation from API, Forms, Spreadsheets, or ChatGPT.
  • Support for dynamic fields, formulas, conditional content, and images within templates.
  • Easy creation and upload of templates through an online builder or from your computer (.docx).
  • Seamless integration with over 5000+ apps via platforms like Zapier and Make.
  • Capability to bulk generate documents from data in spreadsheets for efficient processing.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Seamless integration with Google Sheets and third-party automation tools
  • Customer service is highly responsive and helpful
  • Ability to use custom templates offering broad customization
  • Efficient automation and document generation capabilities
  • Cloud-based system offering easy access and functionality


  • No built-in document storage repository to keep everything organised
  • Limited to only 10 templates with some plans
  • Can be initially complex for non-technical users
  • Limited font options currently available


Can Documentero be used for proposal writing?

Documentero supports all kinds of documents. You’ll need to provide your doc template, such as a proposal template with placeholders, to our platform.

How long is the temporary link good for?

The temporary download link is good for at least 10 minutes, allowing ample time to process the document in an automated workflow.

Will Documentero offer integration with ACTIVEPIECES or other open-source platforms?

We consider integrations based on user interest and priorities, including with platforms like ACTIVEPIECES.

Is it possible to upload and edit an existing PDF document?

Documentero relies on .docx templates. Convert your PDF to .docx first or use our online editor; then, you can automate PDF creation with a webhook.

Can a Signature Field be added for clients to sign directly on the form?

Documentero does not include an option for e-signatures. Pairing with an e-signature software that complies with your country’s legal regulations is recommended.

Is there a way to send uploaded files via forms to different services?

If using our API/Integration, you can pass the generated temporary URL to store documents like Google Drive or other storage solutions.

Can Documentero handle conditional logic in documents?

Yes, you can use smart sections in templates for conditions, and some form checkboxes make related form fields optional or mandatory.

Will Documentero support uploading Excel or CSV files for bulk document creation?

No current plans for native Excel/CSV uploads, but it’s considered on the backlog. Batch document generation from an online spreadsheet was recently added.

Can you use Google Sheets as a data source for Documentero?

You can integrate Google Sheets via automation platforms. For direct API integrations, you’d need to handle the implementation.

Does Documentero offer Webhooks or CNAME?

Webhooks are added as a feature request. There are no current plans for CNAME, but we’re considering it for the future.

Can we get an integrations platform like Activepieces supported?

Activepieces has been noted as a feature request, and we’ll consider it for future integrations.

Does Documentero support other languages, like Arabic, for documents?

The parser should work fine for Arabic documents as long as your template style includes right-to-left text. However, the app and forms are not currently available in Arabic.

Is it possible to create a repeatable list field in documents?

You can use sections in templates for repeatable lists and pass arrays for dynamic document creation.