Conduit AI Analyst

Conduit AI Analyst by Conduit Grail Inc. ensures you glean meaningful insights from your business data, employing an AI similar to ChatGPT for straightforward analysis.


How it will help you

Conduit AI Analyst acts as an AI co-pilot, allowing seamless integration and analysis of over 500 data sources directly in Google Sheets, simplifying strategic decision-making.

Key features

  • AI-powered insights with ChatGPT-like interaction for data queries.
  • Integration with over 500 apps for comprehensive data analysis.
  • Workflows automation for scheduled data processing and reports.
  • Real-time custom dashboards and alerts for continuous monitoring.
  • Collaborative features with workspace permissions, Slack, and email notifications.


  • AI feature provides significant value for data analysis
  • Supports a wide array of integrations and connections
  • The import function is quick and efficient
  • User-friendly for those unfamiliar with SQL or coding
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Regular updates showing consistent improvement and addition of features


  • Occasional issues with pulling complete datasets (e.g., GA4 data)
  • Lacking sufficient documentation for users and developers
  • Some features may still be in early stages with potential for bugs
  • Desire for additional tools such as a VS Code extension for Notebook analysis


What integrations are included in the LTD and do you provide future integrations of your Pro Plan?

There are around 80 integrations included in the LTD deal, with plans to include future integrations of the Pro Plan. Please note that while the LTD offer on our website states 500 integrations, only 80 are available for LTD tiers. We plan to correct this discrepancy on AppSumo, and any new integrations added to the Pro Plan in the future will become available for LTD customers.

Can data be exported before it’s deleted, and what’s the data retention policy?

You can request our support team to generate an archive with all your data before it gets deleted. Data retention follows a rolling policy, meaning the data will be retained for the duration specified in your account tier (1-4 years) from the date of data creation.

What is meant by sub-accounts and what’s the limit on tier 3?

Sub-accounts relate to separate workspaces within Conduit. When using tier 3, you can create up to 30 sub-accounts. These sub-accounts can have multiple client logins and are treated as separate, standalone accounts both for data privacy and billing purposes.

How does the integration with QuickBooks work?

The integration with QuickBooks is available out of the box, and it allows importing specific financial data for analysis. You can find details on what data we import from QuickBooks on our website’s integration details page.

Can Conduit AI analyze text documents or voice transcripts?

Conduit AI mainly works with sheets for data analysis. While it won’t be able to connect voice transcripts or text documents directly, you can pull text data into a sheet that can then be connected to the platform for analysis.

Does Conduit work with languages other than English?

While the Conduit Copilot AI supports querying in multiple languages, the platform’s UI is currently available only in English.

Can I feed in transcripts of calls to analyze sentiment and content?

Technically, you can feed transcripts into Conduit AI for analysis, but as the primary use case is for numerical data, the analysis of chat transcripts is less optimized. It is recommended to try the free introductory account first to see how it suits your specific needs.

Is the Google Search Console available as an integration?

Yes, the Google Search Console is available as an integration within Conduit, listed as Google Webmaster Tools.

Is it possible to get insights into our company’s performance data?

Conduit enables you to connect your company’s datasets to the Copilot AI and query it to get insights on performance, sales, and a multitude of other business aspects.

Can Conduit handle econometric analysis?

While Conduit is adaptable for tasks typically done by data analysts in business settings, it might not be able to fulfill complex econometric analysis typically done by data scientists.

How is Conduit ensuring data privacy and GDPR compliance?

Data is stored in the US and processed according to GDPR compliance standards. For companies seeking further data privacy, there’s an option to host on the client’s infrastructure.

How much does each additional integration cost, and where can I find a list of integrations?

Each additional integration, if not included in the LTD tiers, can cost around $100 per month. A list of included LTD integrations can be found on the documentation provided on Conduit’s website.

Can Conduit work with data stored in databases like MySQL/PostgreSQL, and how does it handle table relationships?

Conduit can integrate with SQL databases and automatically generates connections between tables. However, users also have the ability to define these relationships manually if preferred.