Review – Simply Good or Too Simple?

Are you a blogger or content creator? Look at, the AI-powered writing tool designed to help you generate top-notch content effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can produce long-form blog posts complete with suggested metadata, saving you time and energy. But does the tool really live up to its promises? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at BlogAssistant and see what real users have to say about their experience with the AI writer. Read on to discover if is the solution you need to take your content creation to the next level.

BlogAssistant Review – What is AI Writer?

Let’s start with BlogAssistant Review. It is an intelligent writing tool that helps content creators to write articles in a matter of minutes. This AI writing assistant is designed to help you produce error-free and polished content that doesn’t contain any grammar or syntax errors. Compared to human writers, the AI-Writer is cost-effective. Blog Assistant AI-Writer is also suitable and tailored mostly for blog posts and website content. Using the dynamic AI writing assistant, you’ll be able to write long-form articles in over 30 different languages. Additionally, the AI tool generates royalty-free images to complement your writing and assist with SEO optimization. With these incredible features, BlogAssistant writer provides a unique and comprehensive solution for anyone looking to streamline their content creation process and produce high-quality articles with ease. 

Bottom Line

BlogAssistant is an ai-powered tool that helps you focus only on blog post workflow. It is an assistant tool that helps you write quality non-detectable articles, meaning you generate content that is undetectable as AI-generated and considered human-written, though the quality will be to a taste preference. Additionally, you get your first blog post for free, it is a kind of free trial that they provide, which could be less than you need to fully understand the tool, but they charge per blog generation so you don’t need to commit to a monthly subscription. With this tool you can boost productivity, it can be a perfect solution and tool for bloggers who begin their journey or just need to get content quickly and don’t want to study too much of the features of the tool. On the other hand, BlogAssistant offers an all-in-one platform only for long content, meaning if your flow is not blog post centric – this tool will not work for you. In short, it has the focus on other essential aspects of only blog post creation from start to finish including outline and title generation and finishing with suggested images.


Blog Assistant Pros and Cons

Simple workflow for long-form SEO articlesOnly suitable to create long-form blog articles
It beats AI content detectorsOnly one blog generation is included in the free trial
Pay as you go per blog, no need for monthly commitmentKeywords generation is very basic
Free stock images from Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash

Key Features

Quick and Simple Workflow

One of the benefits of using BlogAssistant is that it generates long-form in a very clean and nice workflow, businesses and individuals need content that is accurate and engaging without sacrificing time. The tool enables writers to generate high-quality content with ease. From blog posts to long-form articles, the tool can help you produce content that matches your goals and target audience in just minutes. Plus, AI technology ensures that the content is free from errors, grammatical mistakes, or awkward phrasing. With just a few clicks, you’ll have a draft article to polish and refine without worrying about its tone, coherence, and accuracy. 

AI Undetectability 

If besides the quality of the generated content, it is important for you that your long-form content is not being considered AI generated – they consider BlogAssistant. The tool automatically produces content that is not detected by AI checkers. Even though they use GPT-3 or GPT-4, right from the user interface they suggest to evaluate their search-engine-optimized articles by the most popular AI detectors like: 


OpenAI Text Classifier

CopyLeaks AI Content Detector



Free Stock Images

You target to create high-quality content, but to save writing time, besides ai-powered blog writing to have a complete article you’ll need royalty-free stock images. And Blog Assistant is the platform that helps you to get free images from Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash. One small downside is that you can’t embed these images right into the text, you’ll need right click and save the image to your computer. 

BlogAssistant pricing

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

If you have a chance to get BloggAssistant lifetime deal it may be a great deal for you to help with your content generation needs, base price starts from 59$ for 10 blogs a month.

Regular pricing plans

On the contrary regular pricing could be seen as a bit steep, but you get the full workflow and almost ready-to-post articles, it starts at 10$ per blog and gets cheaper if you buy more.

Areas of improvement suggested by users

While BlogAssistant has received positive feedback from satisfied users, there are still areas for improvement offered by some. For example, some users noted that the tool could benefit from more customization options, such as the ability to choose the “I” or “We” form of writing, or the “You” or “Your” form. Additionally, the tool’s image search feature could be further improved, as sometimes unsuitable or irrelevant images are displayed, and you need to ‘right click and download image’, not embed it into the text right away. Users also suggested that the design of the website and emails could be refined for a more polished appearance. Furthermore, while the tool generates articles quickly, some users noted that the output still requires editing and cannot be used directly. Overall, Blog Assistant has significant potential, and ongoing improvements can help to make it an even more valuable and effective tool for content creators. 


BlogAssistant is an excellent tool in its simplicity allowing you to high-quality long-form content in just a few clicks, to make content creation really simple.  Some of its most remarkable features include the ability to create SEO-friendly long-form articles of up to 4000 words, however, its keyword generation feature is not to be relied on – it is best to use a specialized tool for the keywords. Another amazing feature is that the tool provides two full revisions of the generated blog, and right away points to external tools for AI detection. Additionally, the tool allows users to specify keywords, generate customized calls to action, and suggest blog titles. It even has an image generation feature! Use blog assistant to see this for yourself, you can create error-free, engaging, and high-quality content for your blog or website quickly and cost-effectively, without having to worry about being detected by AI content detectors. Overall, AI-Writer is an excellent option for anyone looking for more ease and agility in the article creation process especially if you want to start quickly and don’t commit to monthly plans.