Blogify is the go-to solution for bloggers seeking to elevate their content creation process. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, it offers innovative features to streamline blogging tasks and maximize efficiency.


How it will help you

Blogify transforms your multimedia content into SEO-optimized blog posts, simplifies affiliate marketing, and automates your social media strategy to increase your online presence and monetization.

Key features

  • Automatically schedule postings in WordPress and to maintain a consistent blog presence.
  • Create up to 100 blog posts per month from videos for diverse content generation.
  • Utilize podcast-to-blog features for popular platforms like Google, YouTube, and Vimeo to expand your content’s reach.
  • SEO optimization to ensure your blog posts rank high and attract organic traffic.
  • Copilot blog creation, allowing you to craft engaging posts using AI in more than 150 languages.


  • User-friendly interface simplifies the content creation process
  • Effortless conversion of video and audio content into well-structured blog posts
  • SEO optimization ensures content is ready for increased online visibility
  • Multi-language support enables content creation for a global audience
  • Time-saving capabilities with accurate and engaging output
  • Ability to publish directly to various platforms streamlines workflow


  • Issues with content duplication and quality inconsistencies
  • Limited editing tools and customization options
  • Challenges with integration features and plugin compatibility
  • Delayed or inadequate customer support response times


What is the maximum YouTube video / podcast duration for upload?

Depending on the video, we tested with the highest 3 hours YouTube link it takes around 20min, and 10-15 min video takes around 5-10 min.

Can blogify integrate with Kajabi’s blog?

Right now no but you can easily 1 click copy the text/html version to your Blog with no change.

Does the tool work with the Bulgarian language?

Yes, of course! You can do these all.

Can I generate blog using any youtube video or through my channel only?

All of your questions’s answered Yes, You can do that. You can generate a Blog from any downloadable video link, podcast/Audio file, Text, Short description even uploading Doc/pdf file.

Does Blogify only convert videos to blog posts (text) or can it convert other text into blog posts?

It can convert anything to a Blog post. Yes, it can transform, Doct, PDF, text, and short descriptions into a blog post.

Is there a limit for the size of the uploaded video or audio?

We tested with 4h Video/Audio and it worked. Thanks.

Can I integrate Blogify with other web builders beside WordPress and Blogger?

Currently, it only connects with Blogger and, but more integrations are coming. Right now, there is 1 click to copy Text and HTML to the Blog.

Can Blogify generate blog posts directly into web publishing platforms other than WordPress and Blogger?

You can copy and paste Text and HTML generated with Blogify to any platform, as it currently connects with Blogger and only; however, more integrations are expected soon.

Does Blogify translate the blogs into other languages, or does it just produce blogs in the language of the video?

Blogify supports blog generation in over 125 languages, so you can input a video in one language and get a blog in another.

Does Blogify have an API for integration with other services?

Currently, Blogify does not offer an API for direct integration with other services.

Are the blog posts created with Blogify SEO-optimized?

Blogify aims to produce SEO-optimized blog posts, but it’s always a good practice to review the content and make any necessary tweaks to maximize search engine visibility.

Can Blogify work with videos that don’t have a transcript?

Blogify is capable of working with videos without transcripts, although having a transcript can make the blog generation process smoother and more accurate.