Transform your data management with, a versatile platform by APITable Ltd. that integrates spreadsheet simplicity with AI-powered efficiency to enhance project management and CRMs.


How it will help you streamlines your workflow by offering a customizable database solution that moulds itself to fit your business needs. With AI enhancements, it facilitates smarter project management, CRM, and automation.

Key features

  • AI-powered databases: Create dynamic databases that are both easy to use and rich in functionality, akin to an advanced spreadsheet.
  • Customizable dashboards: Craft dashboards to visualize data your way, with kanbans, Gantt charts, galleries, and more.
  • Automation and integrations: Automate repetitive tasks and integrate with over 6,000 apps via Zapier, Make, and Activepieces.
  • AI chatbots: Deploy custom ChatGPT-powered chatbots trained on your company data for robust customer interaction and support.
  • Online forms to data collection: Convert datasheets into online forms to gather information seamlessly, complemented by QR code connectivity for in-person events.

Pros Praised by Users

  • Integrated AI functionality creates a seamless user experience within the platform.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive design facilitate ease of use.
  • Unlimited seats for team members offer extensive collaboration potential.
  • Responsive and proactive customer support improves user satisfaction.
  • Powerful automation and form creation tools streamline workflow and data collection.

Top 3 Cons Noted by Users

  • Occasional connection issues and server stability have caused user discomfort.
  • Limited instructions for integration with third-party services like Zapier can lead to confusion.
  • Discrepancies between tiers and potential pricing concerns raise questions about long-term value.


What does “file nodes” mean?

The file node count refers to the total number of files (such as spreadsheets, dashboards, magic forms, mirrors) in the workspace. Deleted file nodes are not included in this count.

Can this sync with Google Drive?

AITable supports integration with any third-party platform using APIs. Additionally, we have established a connection with Zapier, enabling integration with thousands of the most popular apps through Zapier (no coding required).

Do you have email to task similar to Clickup?

If your email system supports retrieving information via an API, you can use this method to automatically write information into AITable.

How does it function on mobile? Do you have an app?

We currently don’t have an app. You can access AITable through your mobile browser, allowing you to operate AITable’s data on your phone. However, we recommend using a computer for a smoother experience.

What is the API QPS?

API QPS refers to the API request rate limits when using a user token to request the API. It determines how quickly a user can send requests to the API.

Can I record my own voice or upload a voiceover for the tutorials?

AI text to voice is a feature we are focusing on initially. The ability to upload your own voice is planned for future updates after AI voiceover is released. Meanwhile, video export, which is due by the end of this month, will allow you to add any voice or background music you prefer using your own video editor.

Does this integrate with ActivePieces?

AITable is listed as APITable on ActivePieces, our previous name, and we aim to update the name. But yes, ActivePieces works with AITable.

Do you support REGEX formulas?

Currently, we don’t support REGEX formulas, and you can check this article to learn more about the formula feature.

What are credits used for training chatbot as well?

Message Credits are used when conversing with an AI Agent and get consumed during these interactions. Training 300,000 characters will cost 1 credit.

I’m interested in combining project development & chatbot. Can I?

It is possible to create a chatbot that asks for variables, does the calculations at the backend, and provides outputs based on those calculations.