Acumbamail – FAQ [Top 22 Questions Answered]

Navigating the intricate landscape of email marketing platforms can be difficult, especially when it comes to unlocking the full potential of feature-rich tools like Acumbamail. With a myriad of questions ranging from template customization and plan scalability to intricate integrations and automation capabilities, it’s easy to find oneself seeking clarity. That’s why here you have meticulously compiled and answered 22 of the most pressing queries about Acumbamail to arm you with the knowledge you need to master this powerful platform. If you an agency looking to manage client campaigns or a marketer aiming to elevate your email strategy, this guide is your gateway to leveraging Acumbamail’s impressive functionalities to their fullest extent.

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Acumbamail FAQ

There are close to 1000 questions asked on the AppSumo Acumbamail page, here are the most popular 22.

1Template ManagementHow do I edit, delete, or get professional design for a saved template in Acumbamail?Templates linked to campaigns can’t be directly edited or deleted. Duplicate them for editing. If you’re encountering persistent pop-ups about professional design and it seems like an error, please contact support at for assistance. More than 800 email templates are available for customization.
2Plan Upgrades & TiersHow do plan upgrades work in Acumbamail and what happens if I exceed my email sending limits?Upgrading maintains your sub-account limit and you are charged $0.0033 per extra email for all 5 License Tiers. You can select the desired tier and pay only the difference in price or opt for extra email credit packages. To upgrade your account or purchase an additional tier, follow this link: Change Plan.
3Agency Account & SubaccountsHow does the agency account work, and how many sub-accounts are included?Acumbamail’s agency account allows for 100 sub-accounts with the capability to manage multiple client campaigns and allocate email or SMS credits monthly. You can customize your own login, brand colors, logo, and use your domain. To activate your agency account, contact support at Agency Accounts
4Features, Integrations & AutomationsWhat does Acumbamail offer regarding features, integrations, automations, campaign previews, and sending emails directly?Acumbamail offers a variety of native integrations, automation capabilities for email marketing, and direct sending via SMTP. You can connect to other tools via Zapier, Pabbly, or KonnectzIT. Campaign previews allow you to see how your email will look on different devices and clients. You can use unlimited previews.
5WordPress & Plugin IntegrationCan I integrate Acumbamail with WordPress and is the plugin up-to-date?Acumbamail integrates with WordPress using a plugin. The plugin is suited for versions prior to 5.8, and an update for newer WP versions is in progress. For updated integration guides, visit: WordPress Integration Guide
6Website & Landing Page IntegrationsHow does Acumbamail integrate with websites like Weebly, Elementor, and Shopify, and can I use my domain for landing pages?While direct Weebly integration isn’t available, Acumbamail can connect via third-party tools like Pabbly, KonnectzIT, and Zapier. Elementor integration is possible through subscription forms or webhooks. Shopify is integrated via API or Zapier, excluding abandoned cart emails. You can use custom domains for unlimited landing pages without bandwidth or page views restrictions.
7Branding & White LabelCan I remove Acumbamail branding and set up a white label for my brand?Branding can be removed by replacing logos in emails. Acumbamail offers white labeling with custom domains, logos, and colors. For more information or to activate white label features, contact support at
8Localization & Language SupportHow does Acumbamail support different languages, and can it be localized for various screens?Acumbamail’s UI is fully translated, and you can customize texts on subscription pages. Currently, support is offered in English and Spanish, with efforts to provide additional language translations underway.
9Compliance & Email Marketing LawsIs Acumbamail GDPR and Can-Spam Act compliant, and can I conduct affiliate marketing or cold email campaigns?Acumbamail is compliant with GDPR and the Can-Spam Act. Affiliate marketing is allowed within these regulations, and cold email campaigns are permissible for US-based prospects or where allowed. For more detailed information, visit: GDPR and Acumbamail
10Email Templates & HTML EditorHow many email templates does Acumbamail offer and does it include an HTML editor?More than 800 customizable email templates are available and Acumbamail includes a powerful email template editor along with the option to import HTML templates directly.
11SMS & Transactional EmailsDoes Acumbamail include SMS and transactional email services?SMS is not included in the standard deal and is offered as a separate service. The SMTP service for transactional emails is included in every plan, and you can learn more about it through the SMTP Configuration Guide.
12User Accounts & PermissionsHow many user accounts are included in my plan and how does user management work?Up to 100 users with different permission levels can be added to a single account. For detailed user management information, visit: User Management Guide.
13Forms & Data CollectionHow do Acumbamail forms work with field collection, and are they compatible with opt-in forms from other services?Acumbamail forms are customizable and can collect various types of data, including names, dates, and more. They support both single and double opt-in. Compatibility with services like Thrive Leads is through tools like Zapier.
14API & WebhooksCan I connect Acumbamail to other apps via API, and are webhooks included?Yes, Acumbamail offers a public API for integration with other apps and includes webhooks for transactional emails and email list notifications. API Documentation Using Webhooks.
15E-commerce & Affiliate MarketingCan I create e-commerce automation and include affiliate links in my emails?E-commerce automation can be set up by syncing email workflows with eCommerce purchases using Acumbamail’s API. Affiliate links are permitted in emails. API Documentation
16Overages, Toppings & Sending LimitsWhat if there are overages, can I top-up, and what are the email sending limits?Overage charges are $0.0033 per extra email. You can top-up by purchasing extra email credit packages anytime. Monthly email sending limits depend on the chosen plan, but the number of subscribers is unlimited.
17Sending Domains & CampaignsHow many sending domains can I use, and what are the limits on campaigns and campaign previews?Unlimited sending domains can be set up. Campaign limits vary by plan, but there is no limit on the number of campaigns you can run and view. Campaign previews let you test your emails on various devices and clients, those vary by your plan as well.
18Social Media & MultimediaAre social media management functions included, and can I send multimedia content like videos?Social media management is not included in the standard offer but can be activated as an extra. Multimedia content like GIFs or videos can be included in emails. To activate social media features, contact support at
19Customer Support & IssuesWhat should I do if I encounter issues or haven’t received a reply from support?For account-related issues like soft bounces or when awaiting support response, contact support at If support hasn’t replied, reach out to for further assistance.
20Email Campaigns & Follow-upsCan I track email opens and send follow-up emails based on recipient actions?You can track email opens and resend emails or send different ones to recipients who didn’t open the initial email. Acumbamail includes IF conditions in automation to facilitate such actions.
21MiscellaneousAre there specific plans to update features like editing campaign names, implementing tags, or offering dedicated IPs?While improvements such as the ability to edit campaign names and offering dedicated IPs are acknowledged, they are not top priorities. However, dedicated IPs are available at an extra cost. Tags are not part of the short-term roadmap, as segments are used for similar use cases. For more information or to inquire about dedicated IPs, contact support at
22Language Translation & SpeedWill there be improvements in translations and page loading speed, especially for languages like Italian?Translation enhancements are ongoing, with a focus on providing English and other language translations as soon as possible. Page loading speed improvements are also being addressed.
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